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Windows '98 goes down so often they've started calling it Monica '98. Bill Clinton will be the first President to go down in history for going down in history. If Monica married the Unibomber, she'd be Monica Lewinsky Kazinsky, and she'd
probably give a dynamite blow job.

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Most people have to worry about getting AIDS from sex.
Meanwhile, Clinton gets sex from aides.
Why is Bill Clinton a bad carpenter?
Because every time he screws, his cabinet falls apart.
What's the difference between Bill Clinton and the Titanic?
Only 1500 people went down on the Titanic.

  Did you hear about the new Bill Clinton computer?

It's got a 6 inch hard drive, but no memory.

Of course, the President's all-time favorite movie is Die Hard. How does Clinton practice safe sex?
He doesn't light the cigar.
Too much Viagra!

What did Ms. Lewinsky was allegedly say when offered a position at the the U.N?
Would that, then, be a "missionary position?"

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Why can't Kenneth Starr prosecute Bill Clinton?
He can't get the evidence to stand up in court.



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