1. How can I tell what web server I am on?
     A: Open up a trouble ticket with us and we will let you know. Another way          to check is to go to www.dnsstuff.com and enter your domain name in          the "DNS Lookup" box.

2. How can I check my webmail?
     A: By going to www.your-domain.com/webmail (substitue your-          domain.com" with your actual website domain name) or www.your-          domain.com/dwmail. You will be prompted to give a username and          password. Use your entire email address as your username.

3. How can I log into my website control panel?
     A: Go to www.your-domain.com/cpanel. You must have your site
         username and password to enter.

4. My website is down! What is going on and when will it be back up?
     A: If you see that your website is down, please wait at least 5 minutes
         before taking any action since server reboots are often the cause of
         this and do not take long to restore access to your website.

        If a few minutes have passed and your site is still down, then be sure
        to check the "Server Status" area of pd-support.com first. If you do
        not see an update, then try to chat online with us or fill out a trouble         ticket. If it is a critical emergency, then call us at 480.235.1916.